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Misfit Foods

Misfit Foods

An unconventional food business model designed by two best friends started during college to turn ugly produce from farmer’s markets into delicious food and fight climate change in the process.

The company originally started by producing juices fighting food waste and addressing supply chain inefficiencies by using ugly fruits not suitable for the market. They then ended up making sausages, with sustainability in mind, but the bigger intent of reducing meat consumption. The sausages are made 50% with vegetable & seasoning and 50% with humanely-raised chicken.

The process behind this startup that then became a successful business case mentioned, between others, in the “Forbes 30 under 30” was based on a mix of genuine intention to do the right thing, DIY, trials & errors, and the help of a business incubator. After the first phase, they decided to stop the juice production to focus themselves on new products to have a larger impact on consumers’ diets and the planet. Again through prototyping and good partnerships they have been able to create the right infrastructure to scale, today the Misfit sausage can be found on Whole Foods Market shelves and on Amazon Prime.