How nice that you take a look at my website!
I’m Marta, a service and UX designer born in Italy and currently living in Switzerland. A few years ago, I decided to turn my way to sustainability and zero waste solutions in designing brands and business models for my clients by opening my own agency.


After I moved to Switzerland and changed my job, my passion hasn’t changed. Today I’m sharing my knowledge in business innovation and UX Design and shaping the user experience of some of the biggest second-hand marketplaces in Switzerland at TX Markets.

This is a blog about methods and green solutions to make your business more environmentally friendly and innovative. Eco-design thinking is the perfect name to bring together what I’m passionate about: thinking like a designer and finding opportunities to shape more sustainable businesses.


I’m a service and UX designer who faces, as in everyday life as in my work as a professional, challenges about the impact on the planet of products, services or strategies. Since I’ve founded my own firm – Ecos Design an eco-branding agency – a few years ago, I decided to help companies in reducing or eliminating their impact and this website is the evolution of my mission: to share my knowledge and tools to spread eco-sustainable solutions everywhere!

Here, on ecodesignthinking.com, when I’m not busy working as a designer, I like to share all that I think it could help entrepreneurs and other designers to include sustainability in business choices.


I want to inspire you presenting some of the most influential environmentalists engaged in cool projects to save our planet, sharing the best tools in design thinking to build strategies, business models, and services with a focus on sustainability, exciting stories of green companies, people, brands, and projects.


If you share my ideas and mission and you want to tell me your story, your experience or an amazing eco-sustainable project you are working on, I’ll be happy to hear about you!